General Questions

A source number is the number you use to make calls from.

Diitalk allows you to register up to 4 source numbers under your account. These include home, mobile, and office phone numbers in addition to an 'other' number of your choice (i.e. home line 2, cell phone 2, cabin number).

You may enter phone numbers separated by dashes, spaces, and periods. Additionally, Diitalk recognizes uninterrupted strings of numbers (i.e. 3065551234).

You may be unable to make a phone call due to the following:

  • You do not have enough Dii Coins to make the call.

Diitalk does not handle emergency phone calls to places such as police departments, fire departments, ambulance services, etc.
Please use your local telephone service provider to make these types of phone calls.

Diitalk uses VoIP to connect your long distance phone calls. VoIP, or Voice over IP (Internet Protocol), enables people to use the Internet as the transmission medium for telephone calls rather than using traditional circuit transmission, which is employed by your local telephone carrier.

There is no software to install or hardware to integrate! Simply use your existing Internet browser to enter the call information and talk on your landline or mobile phone. Diitalk acts as a medium, connecting your calls through its VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system around the world.

My Account

You may reset the password by visiting here.

You may change your password by visiting the 'My Account' main page. Once there, click on 'My Account Settings' and find 'Change My Password'. Enter your current password followed by the new password. Diitalk will require you to enter the new password again as a verification measure. Then click the 'Save' link.

You may register an account with Diitalk by visiting the 'Register Now!' link found at the top of every page.

3G/Wifi Calling

When using Diitalk, if your phone bill spikes it's most likely due to roaming fees meaning you've been using the Diitalk app outside of a wireless network.

Yes it will, however, when using Diitalk outside your home province/state ensure you're connected to a wireless network to avoid roaming fees.

To avoid extra fees from your cell carrier ensure you are connected to a wireless network such as a hotel network, coffee shop, etc.

Web Call Service

Periodically, we require confirmation that a call was requested. You can confirm that a call was requested by pressing the * (star) key on your phone when prompted. We do this in an effort to prevent users from abusing our service. Confirmation is usually only required when calling from a new number or a new location.

Text Initiated Calling

Text initiated calling is when you send an SMS (Text Message) on your cell phone to our server containing the number you wish to call. The server recognises your number, links with your account and calls the number you requested. It works the same way as the standard web call; you are called first and then you're connected with the number you're calling.

First of all, ensure your cell phone number is registered on your account. To do this, ensure the number is listed in 'My Numbers', and simply send a text message containing the full number you wish to call (i.e. 1 306 653 2725) to +1 306-251-1788.'

To save time and to allow easier text initiation, you can set a letter or short tag to any of the numbers in your address book. All you need to do then is send a message to the Diitalk text number (+1 306-251-1788) with this code to start a call with this number. (i.e. H for home, W for work, dave for David...)

Dii Coins

Diitalk is structured around an internal currency called “Dii Coins”. Users can earn Dii Coins by taking actions within the app to trigger rewards, or purchase Dii Coins using real currency. Users can spend Dii Coins on calling, sticker packs, unlockable content, etc.

Dii Coins can be purchased from within the Diitalk mobile application.

Dii Coin purchases are non-refundable. However, there is no expiration time limit on the Dii Coins purchased.