General Questions

How to make a call on the web?

  1. You enter the number you're calling from, and the number you want to call. Enter the full number including country and area code. For instance, +1 306 653 2725 for North America.
  2. We'll call your phone. When you pick up, you'll hear a voice prompt welcoming you to Diitalk. "Diitalk will now connect your call..."
  3. We call the number you're calling. We'll patch you through and you'll hear the ring tone of the number you're calling.
  4. They answer, you enjoy your conversation. Enjoy the crystal clear clarity of VoIP knowing that you're saving big bucks using our service.

How to make call using SMS?

  1. Make sure you've got your mobile number listed on your account. You can add your number by visiting My Numbers.
  2. You send a text to our SMS initiation number +1 306-251-1788. Send a text with the full number you want to call to our Text Initiation number. Make sure your mobile number has been added to your account or we won't recognise it's you.
  3. We call you, and then the number you're calling. Enjoy your call as you would from the web. Don't forget you can also assign short text codes to certain numbers to help speed up the process! You can do this in your address book.